Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Converting any standard 3.5" IDE HDDs as SONY SCPH-20401 40 GB HDD
  1. Format the HDD using HD Advance 2.1 DVD disc
  2. Setup your HDD in your PC, USB or IDE (Does not need to be a Sony HDD)
    1. List of hard drives I used via 2 x USB to IDE cables, IDE Molex 2 x 4 IDE Molex 4 Pin Y Splitter cable lead (1xmale to 2xfemale)/ & 18" 24" 4 Pin Molex IDE Computer power supply to Female extension cable-sleeved - powered from Dell XPS 630i PC:
      HD Model Family Capacity RPM Cache Transfer Rate
      Maxtor 6Y200P0 DiamondMax Plus 9 (ATA/133 HDD) 200GB 7200 RPM 8 MB Up to 24.2 MB/s
      Maxtor 6B300R0 DiamondMax 10 300GB 7200 RPM 16MB Up to 26.2 MB/s
      Maxtor 5A320J0  MaXLine II (ATA/133 HDD) 320GB 5400 RPM 2MB Up to 5 MB/s
  3. Run Winhiip v1.7.6 software (Windows HDL Image Install Program) in Run as Administrator mode
  4. In WinHIIP Options:
    1. Select Toxic OS in Override Application Mode & untick 'Enable Patched HDL's Extended Compatibility Modes' option and click OK.
  5. Select Drive - Any PS2 Drive, it will come up as HDLoader 24bit: 125.38GB free
  6. Select Format Drive, select Full Format, Application: HDLoader 48Bit & click OK (took 8 hrs to full format Maxtor 320GB HDD)
  7. Click OK & select Utilities, click on Scan / Repair for PS2 drive, when all green, click on cancel
  8. Exit WinHIIP
  9. Start "HDDRawCopy1.02Portable" in Run as Administrator mode
    1. Double click on "Double-click to open file" then open "48BIT_HDDOSD_VASH32_DUMP.imgc" and click "Continue >>>".
    2. Now make sure to click on the HDD that your going to use on your PS2 - If your not sure what the model name of it is, try looking at the "Capacity" and then click "Continue >>>".
    3. Now you'll see "START" click it, Now it's "Warning" you if your absolutely sure. click "Yes"
      Even it reached at 100%, it still continue copying file for a few more seconds or if may stops at 98% if you only have 40GB.
  10. Use WinHIIP's "Scan / Repair PS2 Drive" in the Utilities to see if it's ok. You'll see:
    • "__system"
    • "__sysconf"
    • "__common"
    • and some PP.
  11. Now that it's done, you just need to set it up your PS2 HDD via PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor to your PS2
  12. Ok, now that your PS2 is up and running. Wait for at least 25 seconds.
    • Use "Δ" for Version Information and look at "Browser", if you see "Browser 2.00" it's working!
    • Now go in the Browser and see if you have a "HDD" (Hard Disk Drive) Icon, if you see, go in it.
      Now you have non-Sony HDD containing 48-Bit Patched HDD OSD 1.10U (Browser v2.00 update) with Preinstalled Applications:
    • SMS Player Version 2.9
    • uLaunchELF Version 4.42_Evil
    • ESR beta r9b (GUI)
    • Open PS2 Loader Version 0.9.1
    • HD Loader Version 0.8c
    • Sony PlayStation: POPS Emulator
    • GS Mode Selector Version 0.37
    • Memory Card Annihilator Version 2.0
    • Free McBoot Unofficial Installer
    • Gradius Gaiden (POPS Emulator)
  13. Remove your fresh PS2 HDD OSD 1.10U formatted hard drive from your PS2 and set it up to your PC again.
  14. Use either HD Handiness or Winhiip (which I prefer) for transferring from my PC HDD (PS2 Back-up drive) containing my entire PS2 games collection ripped into *.ISO image files using DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn to fresh PS2 HDD OSD formatted hard drive.
  15. Use HD Advance / HD Loader to renaming all your PS2 games, as well changing the Game Compatibility Settings for each game, if the game renaming process doesn't work, use HddManager from Path: MISC/ in uLaunchELF by pressing square to load up HDL Game Info on any installed PS2 games under HDLoader Settings section, then press R1, select Rename from R1 menu, pressing Circle to confirm it, make some changes and press circle on OK to confirm the changes.
  16. Use HDLGameInstaller for changing the game options i.e. renaming OSD title lines 1 & 2 - max 16 characters each, changing game icons - either default HD Loader icon or games save icon, etc.
  17. Restart your PS2, you see all nice icons with your OSD names, try one of the games to see it works - well done
  18. Then restart your PS2 again, this run with HD Advance / HD Loader software to check all your game compatibility settings works one by one.
  19. Run Open Ps2 Loader, go to Settings, then set 'HDD device start mode' to Auto and set 'Default menu' to HDD Games and select Ok.
  20. Run Open Ps2 Loader one more time, you will see your HDD Games menu, select any game to run it, if it works - well done!
    After all that, you've got a choice of running all your installed PS2 games via HDD from either direct booting in HDD OSD (Browser v2.00 update) or HD Advance / HD Loader, as well seeing all the data currently installed in the same way as with the official "SONY 40 GB HDD" (SCPH-20401) except much bigger HDD, plus you can run any PS2 games in Open PS2 Loader as well!!
  • No need to worry about your  PS2 game images, if you're using HD Advance before like me, no need to re-install all your PS2 games from CD / DVD again! Since HD Advance is identical to HD Loader - only differences is only 3 Modes available to choose from Setting Compatibility Mode options in SELECT menu, screen design theme, slightly modified text strings and disables online mode by default, it's 100% compatible with HD Loader, so it's automatically recognizes all your games, as it all come up in HD Loader Game List table.
  • Don't use HDLGameInstaller to install games - it won't come up in HD Loader Game List, use only for the Games Option. Plus, after you some settings in Game Options and game runs automatically from the browser, but you've to do the settings again in HD Advance Setting Compatibility Mode Select Options menu in order to run in both the browser & HD Advance / HD Loader.

Update on 3rd December 2016 20:05:

I've used Winhiip software (Windows HDL Image Install Program) in Run as Administrator mode to format Seagate 750GB IDE HDD (taking a total of 3hrs, 15 mins and 6 secs for complete fully formatted) using 'HDLoader 48Bit' in Override Application Mode & untick 'Enable Patched HDL's Extended Compatibility Modes' option settings and continue on from step 7 onwards, using Winhiip software again for transferring from my additional 2TB HDD as 'DATA' drive on my Dell XPS 720 PC containing my entire PS2 games collection into*.ISO image files onto the same PS2 HDD OSD formatted 750GB IDE hard drive.

Also, I've found How-to use WinHIIP 1.7.6 | PS2 Home link as well original link while researching on the Internet for alternative WinHIIP 1.7.6 download link.

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